Top attractions you must see in China

Top attractions you must see in China

China has become one of the favorite destinations among international tourists. In 2015, more than 135 million international visitors made a visit to China. China’s tourism revenue is second largest in the world after the United States. The statistics clearly reflects the popularity of China among the tourists. But China is quite unlike the US. Their population is compact and not spread out like here in the United States. It’s much more concentrated in the cities, while boasting amazing sites and beauties, compared to our size. Just spanning from Los Angeles, California on the West Coast to Orlando, Florida on the East coast you have far more land to cover and a less populated

Since China has a large territory with hundreds of tourists spot, it’s always difficult to choose a few spots of your interest. In this article, we have a made a list of places you must visit before your die. All of these destinations have something special to offer, which can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Let’s get to the list:

The Great Wall

When it comes to China, the Great Wall is a must visiting spot. Most of the explorers believe that you haven’t made to China if you didn’t climb the Great Wall. This ancient defensive architecture is the longest wall of the planet spread over 5000 Kilometers. When it comes to the best preserved sections of the wall, you better visit the Beijing section.

Li River

The National Geographic Magazine listed this river as one of the “Top 10 Watery Wonders of the Planet.” Li River has been visited by various popular personalities including Bill Gates, George Bush, and Bill Clinton.

The mesmerizing landscape along the river has captured the heart of artists for centuries. There are millions of poetries associated with this river. It has become one of the best photography destinations in the world.

The Palace Museum

This Imperial Palace is usually known as the forbidden city of Beijing. It consists of more than eight thousand rooms where Ming and Qing Dynasties used to live for nearly 600 years.

This Forbidden City is listed as the top five most significant palaces on the earth.

The Terracotta Army

 A 2000 years old site declared as World Cultural Heritage is a definitely a must to visit spot in China. The underground army was discovered back in 1974 when farmers were digging a well in the area. It is believed these models represent an army that outperformed the other Chinese armies. There are still a lot of unanswered questions that why it was created.

The Yellow Mountains

When it comes to Chinese national parks, the Yellow Mountains are definitely the most busy and popular park. This is considered as the third best national park of China after Jiuzhaigou National Forest Park and Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.

Unlike the other two parks, Yellow Mountain surprises you with stunning sun rises, hot springs, seas of clouds, stunning rocks and the pine trees.

Tips for Traveling in China

During your stay in China, it is highly recommended to travel on public transport. It will introduce you with their culture and you will stay in your budget as well. China has one of the best transport systems in the world including bullet trains, double Decker unique busses, etc.