Best Attractions in Chicago

Chicago is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. The city has miles of exotic beaches, national museums and friendly people in the streets. Chicago is such a large city such that a visitor who isn’t well versed with the city can have a hard time deciding what they should do while there. There are several attractions, which captivate more travelers. They include: Millennium Park Millennium Park occupies approximately twenty-four and a half acre of land. It is within the front yard of Chicago and is the best place that you can spend outdoors while visiting the city. You can check out the public art or attend any particular event as per the time of your visit. While at the park you can stroll via the scenic Lurie Gardens, watch a free concert or participate in skating on the Ice Rink McCormick Tribune. Chicago Art Institute Art Institute is among the most famous cultural institution in the city. The Institute has thousands of artwork. A restaurant is also available within the Institute, so you do not have to worry if you had not packed anything. You should visit the Art Institute to learn about the expansive collection of up to date works that are in the Modern Wing of the museum. Wrigley Field Wrigley Field was built back in 1914. The field is home of the baseball team from the North Side for one hundred or more years. You should go to the park to get a chance to watch baseball from America’s oldest ballparks. You can also join the song during the stretch of the seventh inning. You can request for an opportunity to operate the only scoreboard operated manually, and it is the only one that is still in existence. Garfield Park Conservatory Garfield Park is one of the greatest in the history of the United States conservatory. There is a significant greenhouse in this park, and it helps to create a home for over six thousand plant species. You should visit any time of the year and have a spectacular view of the enormous trees. You can take a stroll in this Park as you enjoy the fresh air from the natural vegetation. Lincoln Park Zoo Lincoln zoo is at the center of the park. The park lies on thirty-five acres of land and is a habitat for over one thousand species. Visiting the zoo is free, and it is one of the zoos that free to get in. You will get a chance to see African penguins that move into the cove meant for penguins. Conclusion Chicago has a lot to offer you and make your trip an unforgettable one. Chicago has many more attraction sites and unique things that you can do. A trip to Chicago will make you feel like you do not want to leave the city even when your travel days are over. Visit the various museums and learn more about the rich culture of the inhabitants. You can also research the attractions that you can attend for free. Free entry to some sites will make you save money.