Things to Do in the Bahamas for Honeymoon

Things to Do in the Bahamas for Honeymoon

Bahamas is popular for its romantic beaches, breezy environment, and glittering turquoise waters. This part of the world offers an unforgettable experience, especially for newlywed couples. Bahamas is all set to give a new meaning to your honeymoon. 

You can spend all your day romancing with your love on the beaches. The weather is awesome almost during all year round. Here are some of the best things that honeymooners can do in the Bahamas.

Arrange a Candlelight Dinner At Arawak Cay Beach

In fact, no honeymoon is complete without a candlelight dinner. Arawak Cay Beach gives a pleasant opportunity for the couples to enjoy a beautiful dinner among the fascinating environment.

The dishes are gourmet and include most of the Bahamian cuisines including the most delicious Bahamian conch salad. Arawak Cay is much famous for its eateries. Besides, the Junkanoo Summer Festival is all about the delicacies and amazing food of this part of the world.

Ride the Bahamian Cruise

Enjoying a Bahamian cruise is the best part of any honeymoon trip to the Bahamas. You and your soul mate will definitely love the experience and won’t forget it throughout your life. The most exotic highlights of Bahamian Cruise include visiting the Dolphin Cay and exploring the hidden gems like Fort Fincastle.

Paradise Island

Paradise Island is another popular tourist destination for honeymoon couples. Located in the Bahamian islands, this mesmerizing place is famous for its Atlantis Resort. It is the center of all the attractions in Paradise Island. There are a lot more surprises for the honeymooners, more than they ever think of.

Its amazing waterscape covers an area of 141 acres, which serves as an ultimate Aquaventure for the visitors. The action-packed area offers a wide range of adventurous and thrilling activities. There are 20 swimming areas, river rides, rising towers, thrilling water slides, and much more.

Visit the Grand Bahama Island

Although there is no shortage of beaches in Bahamas, the Grand Bahama Island offers something more than the beaches. Apart from the exotic beaches, you can come across some of the best sprawling golf courses, reef-lined coves, and mangrove swamps.

Head towards Garden of the Groves

This is an ideal place for nature lovers, where they can easily fall in love with this heaven on earth. Honeymooners would definitely find it a romantic place to spend their best days of life. The best part of this garden is it peaceful and quiet environment, giving you the opportunity to relax and spend some romantic moments with your better half. 

Nassau Island

Nassau Island is the capital of Bahamas, which is a vibrant city that offers a balanced experience of a bustling metropolitan and a tropical paradise. The highlights include white sand beaches, luxurious resorts, adventurous mountain tours, and romantic atmosphere. The lavish lifestyle of Nassau makes this city the best place to visit for the honeymooners.

Have Fun at the Taino Beach

After an adventurous day at the Taino Beach, start a bonfire and relax with your better half. The atmosphere is energetic, which allows you to enjoy the most romantic moments of your life. Bahamians love music and you can witness their passion for dancing at the Taino beach once the sun goes down.