Month: March 2021

Things To Do In The Virgin Islands

The US and the British Virgin Islands are two of the most famous tourist attractions in the Caribbean. There are white sand beaches, crystal-clear water, perfect snorkeling/diving opportunities, and scenic hiking facilities. All these attractions make the Virgin Islands some of the best places to visit.

Each of the islands offers a variety of adventurous and mind-blowing activities, which will keep you busy all day long. Given below are some of the most amazing tourist attractions that you can’t afford to miss while visiting the Virgin Islands.

Go to Buck Island

Buck Island is a marine national park in the US Virgin Islands. The beach itself is a great place to spend all day and explore the treasures of nature. It has a definite Caribbean feel to it with lots of palm trees, indigenous vegetations, and fun activities.

Visit the Cane Bay

Located on the St. Croix, the Cane bay features an astounding beach, a gourmet restaurant, and snorkeling facilities. Although the beach is quite short in length, its location near the highway makes it a great spot to stop by and relax for a while. The atmosphere is amazing and being less crowded, you can spend the whole day without any disturbance.

Exploring the Jost Van Dyke

The Jost Van Dyke is popular as a party island of the British Virgin Islands.  A lot of yachters and trippers visit this island each day. The White Bay is a hub of all the activities. The nightlife is vibrant, but the party goes on almost non-stop whether its day or night.

Visit the Anegada

Anegada is a part of the British Virgin Islands, which is famous for its unique and less crowded beach. The journey to this island is quite amazing, giving you a chance to witness the astounding marine life.

The privacy on the beach allows you to sit and relax for hours without any interruption. The island is also popular for its lobster and you can enjoy a wide array of dishes, all of them offering a unique taste.

Relax in Isaac Bay and Jack Bay

Both these bays are located in the easternmost parts of the United States. Due to their being difficult to access, these beaches have fewer visitors on an average day. The surrounding mountains offer a great view and serve as the best adventurous site for the hikers and mountaineers.

Enjoy Hiking at the Reef Bay Trail

After passing through the St. John, this adventurous trail takes you to the forest, ancient petroglyphs, and stone ruins. The trail isn’t difficult at all and when you come across a beautiful beach in the end, you feel simply rejoiced.

Dive/Snorkel at the RMS Rhone

RMS used to be a mail ship, which met its fate in the reef close to Tortola. It is the most impressive snorkeling and diving spot in the world. The remains of RMS Rhone have now turned into an artificial reef, which is home to a great variety of coral and fish. This place is a must visit spot for the divers. Tortola is the ideal place to join a dive trip.